Texel HDPE Azolla Bed:

Texel Azolla bed are compact, cost effective and strong. Manufactured from multilayered HDPE Reinforced Geomembrane, Texel Azolla beds are U.V. stabilized, puncture resistant, fungus resistant and waterproof. They can be erected on any surface in a short amount of time. Azolla is a nutrient dense aquatic fodder rich in protein, essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins and is a potential food for freshwater fish farming for two reasons:
  • The primary limiting factor for productivity of tropical aquatic ecosystem is often the bioavailability of nitrogen, which can be supplied by Azolla
  • Approximately 95% of the cost of formulating an average production diet is related to meeting protein and energy needs of fish.

Salient Features of Azolla Bed:

  • Texel Azolla beds offer a unique combination of light weight material and extremely tough construction.
  • Texel Azolla beds are economical.
  • They are compact, easy to transport and install.
  • Several beds can be erected in just a few hours.
  • They are installed above the ground, which means that there is no digging or compacting of pits is required, resulting in savings of such expenses.

Size of Azolla Bed:

  • 12.5 ft X 5 ft X 0.5 ft


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