Texel HDPE Geotank

Texel HDPE Geotank is a portable structure that facilitates water conservation requirements in the landlocked regions. Our geotanks addresses the problem of water scarcity in the remote and hilly areas where the availability of water from the perennial sources are very rare. Storage of water can be done for household purpose and it can be provided as drinking water to the cattle.

Salient Features of Texel HDPE Geotanks:
  • Texel HDPE Geotanks have high tensile strength
  • Texel HDPE Geotanks have high hydrostatic resistance
  • Texel HDPE Geotanks are portable, easy to repair and maintain.
  • 100% UV Stabilized
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Tear Resistant
  • Fungus Resistant
  • Anti-corrosive frame structure
  • Economical as compared to RCC or FRP tanks.


Data Sheet


Product Range

Brand: Geotank

Range: 10,000 Ltrs., 18,000 Ltrs., 28,000 Ltrs., 40,000 Ltrs., 55,000 Ltrs., 71,000 Ltrs., 90,000 Ltrs., 110,000 Ltrs., 135,000 Ltrs., 160,000 Ltrs., 185,000 Ltrs., 215,000 Ltrs., 250,000 Ltrs., 280,000 Ltrs.