Geomembranes are low permeability synthetic liners used to control fluid or gas migration within soil, rock, earth or any other geotechnical material, as an integral part of man made product, structure or system.

Tightly woven “Geotextiles” are bonded on both sides of Geomembrane with “Polymer compound” making a combined product “HDPE Reinforced Geomembrane”.


The aquatic animals in an unlined pond are prone to various diseases which originate from the exposed soil. They are exposed to various impurities such as effluent water, chemical waste contained in the groundwater. This contamination can affect the growth of the harvest to a great extent and also pass the diseases to the consumers of the aquaculture products.

The ponds lined with Texel HDPE Reinforced Geomembrane, insults animals from such diseases. Geomembrane also helps to control the water seepage which is an important factor in the aquaculture.

The benefits of using Texel HDPE Reinforced Geomembrane for lining aquaculture ponds are:

  • ❖ Disease free harvest
  • ❖ Easy to clean and maintain the pond post harvest
  • ❖ Reinforced Geomembrane has high strength, tear & puncture resistance, high hydrostatic resistance due to reinforcement and multilayer structure.
  • ❖ UV stabilized to ensure longer life.
  • ❖ Chemical resistant.
  • ❖ Highly beneficial when used with the Biofloc technology.