“In monsoon, there was a lot of water logging problem and we couldn’t collect it anywhere. People used to dig wells and still couldn’t hold water and then we heard about Texel. We installed their pond liners and they are very affordable.”
Mr. V R Patil
Local Farmer Maharashtra, India
“We were lining our ponds with HDPE and LDPE sheets since last 10 years from different manufacturers. Finally, we found that the quality of material and service provided by Texel is much better than any other manufacturers. They are cost effective also.”
Mr. CD Sebastian
Co Founder, Rosen Fisheries Kerala, India
“We were practicing the aquaculture earlier in the traditional way and use to cultivate shrimps and prawns in the area of around 15 acres of land. Then we heard about the new technology of aquaculture called as Biofloc. We came to know that to cultivate shrimps through Biofloc technology, a Geomembrane lined pond is must. We came to know about the HDPE Reinforced Geomembranes of Texel Industries Limited, as they are one of the leading manufacturers in India. We have built 3 ponds each lined with Texel HDPE Reinforced Geomembrane and have found that the quality of the Geomembrane is really very excellent.”
Mr. & Mrs. Mathew
Blue Harvest – Salem, Goa